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About LaPalli

    LaPalli is a brand founded to guide and support patients through cancer nutrition, global care, and lifestyle, while promoting primary prevention. Fighting malnutrition is our primary goal. Sequentially, LaPalli aims to enhance life quality, reduce treatment side effects, and lower the risks of recurrences and metastasis. Additionally, we provide a pre- and post-surgical nutrition plan to optimize surgical successes and healing times.

    LaPalli offers an evidence-based nutritional plan to fight the tragic social health issue that is cancer. A mainly metabolic condition which can be prevented and managed combining the adequate treatments, healthy lifestyle, exercise, and correct diet. Learn how to improve quality of life through the science of nutrition, for yourself and loved ones.


    I specialize in cancer nutrition. My approach to nutrition is based on human physiology, biochemistry and evidence based nutrition. Patients following my protocols can reach optimal clinical tests results, improved condition management, higher treatment effectiveness, reduced short- and long-term treatments side effects, improved surgical results and recovery, along with an overall higher standard of life quality.


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